Jan 9, 2024

Lower Fees, Higher PnL: Passage Loyalty Program

Passage Loyalty Program

Lower Fees, Higher PnL: Passage Loyalty Program

Introducing The Passage Loyalty Program!

Starting on Feb 1st, 2024, traders can qualify for a fee reduction based on a few different factors, but mainly trade size + monthly trading volume. The more you trade, the lower your fees will be over the following month, and the higher your potential PnL!

Nobody likes paying high fees on trades; it’s one of the reasons we chose to build on Arbitrum and set base trading fees low to begin with. On top of this, all Passage traders can qualify for fee reduction through our Loyalty Program. It’s the final piece, alongside the Referral Program and Trading Competition, of Bracket’s three-part incentive program to maximize the Passage trading experience.


  • Trading volume from the previous month qualifies traders for maximum fee caps in the following month
  • Qualifying for the top tier will cap fees at 1% on trades of any size
  • Volume is based on executed trades, not counting unfilled orders
  • The Loyalty program will launch Feb 1st, 2024

Trading Fee Reduction

Fees must strike a balance between generating protocol revenue and keeping costs low for traders. Base fees work on a simple schedule, ranging from 3% on the smallest volume trades down to 1% on large trades. The goal is to keep notional fee costs down, whether traders are working with small amounts or moving serious size. The Loyalty program takes this a step further, setting up monthly trading volume thresholds at which traders will qualify for fee reduction on trades in the following month.

Normal Passage fees are applied on the schedule shown below, but with the Loyalty Program, traders can qualify for reduced fees on future trades.

Fee reduction will be applied in the form of caps, meaning that fees on all trades will be limited to a certain level according to which tier a trader hit in the previous month. This way, frequent traders will pay less even when making small trades. The tiers and corresponding fee caps can be seen here:

Let’s look at an example to demonstrate how the tiers will function.

Over the month of February, you purchase three separate $2,000 Passages for a total volume of $6,000. You now qualify for loyalty tier 3 with a maximum fee cap of 1.5% on your trades for March. In March, you buy a $200 Passage, which would typically have a trading fee of 2%, but with your tier 3 loyalty fee cap, you only pay 1.5% on the trade.

Mainnet Launch in Two Weeks!

Gear up for a unique way to play the markets with Passage, simplified volatility trading at your fingertips. Take advantage of fee reduction through the Loyalty Program, fee rebates through the Referral Program, and compete in the Mainnet Launch Trading competition where up to 20,000 $ARB will be on the line!

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Passage Documentation: https://bracket-labs.gitbook.io/bracket-labs/bracketx/passage

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