Jan 9, 2024

Announcing Passage Mainnet Referral Program

Passage Referral Program

Announcing Passage Mainnet Referral Program

Announcing Passage Mainnet Referral Program

Passage is a first-of-its-kind product that is bringing simplified long / short volatility positions to DeFi. To reward early supporters and help spread the word to Arbitrum DeFi traders, we are unveiling our new Passage Referral Program and schedule for when referral links will be available to generate. Here’s how the program will work:

Referral Links

As a thank you to our community and those who have supported Bracket to date, we are excited to whitelist holders of select BracketX NFTs to generate their links early. Holders will get access to generate their links on the app based on the link generation schedule below. The program gives our existing community a head start at earning rebates from referrals. A snapshot of holders will be taken on Thursday, December 28, 2023 15:00 UTC.

Both link holders and referred users will receive rebates. As the overall trading volume associated with referral links reaches certain thresholds, rebates will increase.

Whitelisted users can generate a referral link at: https://www.bracketx.fi/referral-program?spdl=l309uq

Referral Tiers

  • Rebates will be credited to a referrer for 90 days after a referred user enters with your referral link
  • Rebates will be credited to executed Passages only (order fills). There is no payment on unfilled orders
  • Cumulative referral rebate will be paid within 5 days after the end of the calendar month
  • Payment amount will be paid based on the tiers listed above based on hitting volume targets for each calendar month
  • Payments are credited in-kind with the Passages a referred user purchased, e.g. ETH rebates for ETH Passage trades.
  • The referral program will run until discontinued

Trading Fees

Take a look at this table below for a quick refresher on how Passage trading fees will work.

The rebate a link holder / referred user receives is equal to their total trading fees for the month, times the active rebate tier and revenue split. E.g. referral volume reaches tier 2, and a referred user makes a $1,000 Passage trade paying $15 in fees. Their rebate would be $1,000*.015*.075 = $1.125. This small kickback on each trade will add up to a lot across the total trading volume, our way of showing gratitude to the Bracket community for using and sharing what we’ve built.

Link Generation Schedule

Select groups of whitelisted users will have the ability to generate links first, a special perk for being an early supporter or Bracket NFT holder. Link generation will be available on the account page of the BracketX app as follows:

Mainnet launch date: Thursday, January 4, 2024 15:00 UTC
Jan 4th —
Partners, Diamond, OG, Den of Dragons NFT holders
Jan 7th — Black, Claw Crunch, Rex Rampage NFT holders
Jan 9th — Gold, Robots Rebellion, Trees of Terror NFT holders

Jan 11th — Open to Public

Each generation date will go live at 15:00 UTC

It’s almost time to deliver Passage to the world. Keep an eye out as we’ll be announcing the Mainnet Trading Competition and other User Loyalty programs soon!

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Terms and conditions apply. Not available to restricted users, individuals, or entities residing in the US, Canada, UK and certain other countries. Promotional terms are subject to change.

Passage Documentation: https://bracket-labs.gitbook.io/bracket-labs/bracketx/passage

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