Refer and EARN

Refer your friends and earn up to a 20% rebate

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Enter your email and get whitelisted to generate your code early. You will receive an email when you can generate the code.

Referral Tiers

Tier 1 Medal

10% Rebate

5% for referrer
5% for referred trader
All links qualify
Tier 2 Medal

15% Rebate

10% for referrer
5% for referred trader
$1,000,000 referred
Tier 3 Medal

25% Rebate

20% for referrer
5% for referred trader
$5,000,000 referred

Supporters Can Get Links Early

Get on the whitelist to get your referral link early by holding the following NFTs by the snapshot date: December 28th, 2023 15:00 UTC. Links will be live on the BracketX account page starting January 4th, 2024 15:00 UTC
January 4th
Black, Claw Crunch, Rex Rampage
January 7th
Gold, Robots Rebellion, Trees of Terror
January 9th
Open to the public
January 11th

Details of the Program

  • Only one link per account can be generated and username can not be changed
  • Rebates will be credited to a referrer for 90 days after a referred user enters with your referral link
  • The referral program is for new accounts only. No payment is due for accounts that either previously visited the app with a different referral link, or have already placed their first order with no link
  • Rebates will be credited to executed Passages only (order fills). There is no payment on unfilled orders
  • Cumulative referral rebate will be paid within 5 days after the end of the calendar month
  • Rebates will be available for withdrawal on the BracketX account page
  • Payment amount will be paid based on the tiers listed and volume targets for each calendar month
  • The applicable tier for each month is based on the trading volume in that month
  • The monthly fee rebate will be calculated as follows: total trading fees paid in a month * associated rebate tier * revenue share split
  • Payments are credited in-kind with the Passages a referred user purchased, e.g. ETH rebates for ETH Passage trades
  • Any unclaimed rewards not claimed within 6-months may be reclaimed by the protocol
  • The referral program will run until discontinued

    Please see our Docs and Terms of Service for more details